The Last Days According to Ezra


A role-playing game starring a normal person


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The Last Days According to Ezra is a peculiar role-playing game created with RPG Maker. In it, you play as Ezra, a worker at a factory called Machine Inc. who, after being fired, goes through some changes that will forever alter his life.

These changes, which give the game its character, cause him to play an important role in the future of the universe as we know it. In fact, they even bring him to fight with enemies in classic turn-based combat as the story unfolds.

But although there is some combat, The Last Days According to Ezra doesn't include levels, experience, special weapons, or any of those typical role-playing elements. That's what makes it a unique game: the most important part is you, the player.

The Last Days According to Ezra is a special role-playing game, with captivating characters and story that more than make up for the lack of entertaining gameplay.
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